Design and Manufacturing of Special Shaped Folding Carton Design for the Salon Industry

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This oval folding carton packaging was designed by Stronghaven Inc. for a national supplier of beauty products for the salon industry. It was created to replace a plain, clear, stapled top poly-bag with a creative oval shaped folding carton with brilliant graphics and a window, to allow the end-user to see the product directly. At the time, a source for such an oval shaped box was non-existent.

To solve this challenge, Stronghaven created a unique structural design which rolls around at the corners, and added UV high-gloss coating for additional pizzazz. Using six color offset printing and flat-bed die cut added aesthetic appeal to draw the customers in. The product also includes a locking closure system and hang tab.

Folding Carton Package
Folding Carton Package

After an initial order of 200,000, the client is now on their fourth round of orders and has received excellent customer feedback on graphics and style. Additionally, our client was able to avoid the purchase of additional construction machinery since the style can be hand erected.

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Design and Manufacturing of Special Shaped Folding Carton Design Project Highlights

Product Description This folding carton was designed for our client who was looking to replace their current poly-bag packaging. Additionally multicolor graphics with a high-gloss UV coating was required. A locking closure system and hang tab was also required.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Design
  • Our Structural Designers Created the Oval Style, and Cut Samples Utilizing Our Artios CAD System.
  • Customer supplied graphics
  • Create Unique Structural Design which Rolls Around at the Corners
  • Window in Package to See Contents
  • Several Iterations Were Submitted, and Final Samples Were Approved
  • The Cartons Were Printed Offset, and a UV High-Gloss Coating Was Applied to the Surface.
  • The Package Was Printed on a 6-color Offset Printer, and Flat-Bed Die Cut for Accuracy.
Max Material Finish UV High Gloss Coating
Industry for Use Salon Supplies
Volume 300,000
Delivery Locations Miami, Florida
Standards Met Color-Corrected Standards Were Exceeded
Product Name Oval Folding Carton Packaging

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