Custom Zip Tab and E-Flute Packaging for the Seafood Industry

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When a client in the seafood industry contacted Stronghaven Inc. about the possibility of providing 60,000 units of corrugated packaging for several of its products, we took on the job without hesitation. We went over to our client's facility and had a look at their machinery. Following the customer-supplied specifications, we ended up designing a die-cut box that would run on our client's Kliklok auto-erector, which was designed to run chip board packaging.

We designed the box to have a zip tab along the side, e-flute for added strength, and developed a four-corner lock that would allow for both flexibility and secure packaging. Since our client would not allow for a set-up failure higher than 5%, we had to exercise extra precision and caution in our craftsmanship (especially given the fact that our client's senior management were watching as we developed their master box).

Custom Zip Tab and E-Flute Packaging for the Seafood Industry
Custom Zip Tab and E-Flute Packaging for the Seafood Industry

The reward for our persistent efforts was a 98% successful print rate. Since our initial run, we have since performed numerous production runs on behalf of this particular client. For further information, you can continue browsing our sample portfolio, request a quote with us online, or call us today at 404.699.1952 ext 2713.

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Custom Zip Tab and E-Flute Packaging Project Highlights

Product Description These corrugated boxes are used to package seafood.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Design and Development
  • Have a Site-Visit to our Clients Factory to Review their Auto-Erector Machine
  • Design a Die Cut Box that Would Run on an Auto-Erector
  • Design a Box w/ a Zip Tab Along the Side
  • The Box had to be a 4 Corner Lock
  • Could Have no More than a 5% Set Up Failure
  • Develop a Master Box
  • Printing, Flexographic
  • Die Cutting
Equipment Used to Manufacture Boxes Printer - Die cutter
Overall Part Dimensions N/A
Material Used Corrugated
In process testing/inspection performed Production Testing
Industry for Use Food Packaging
Quantity 60,000 Initial
Delivery Location N/A
Standards Met Customer supplied specifications
Product Name Corrugated Seafood Packaging Box

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