Custom E-Flute and Pre-Print Replacement Solution for the Food Packaging Industry

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A customer in the food packaging industry contacted Stronghaven Inc. about designing and developing corrugated packaging for hamburgers. Our client wanted packaging that was leaner and that actually reflected the appearance of the hamburger patties contained within. We knew that with our advanced equipment and years of experience in food packaging that we would be perfect for the job.

Firstly, we converted from B Flute to E Flute corrugated. Because of this reduced container size, our client would be able to stack an additional layer of boxes on each warehouse pallet, thereby saving 17% in its distribution costs. Secondly, we converted the packaging from pre-print to direct print, thus eliminating the liability of roll-stock inventory. In addition, as requested, our visual display mimicked the actual hamburgers as they appeared therein, giving the prospective customer an accurate presentation.

Custom E-Flute and Pre-Print Packaging
Custom E-Flute and Pre-Print Packaging

Finally, we were able to give our client greater overall ease and flexibility in the way they did business. By incorporating a section in the box-art that allowed our client to change an area of print whenever they run a promotional program, we gave them streamlined packaging that could be changed without hassle. Secondly, having converted the style of the box into an auto-bottom, this eliminated one person per shift off the production line.

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Custom E-Flute and Pre-Print Replacement Solution Project Highlights

Product Description These corrugated boxes are used to package hamburgers.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Design and Development
  • We Decided to Convert from a B Flute to an E Flute which is a Thinner Substrate
  • Converted from a Pre-Print to a Direct Print
  • Converted the Style of the Box into an Auto-Bottom
  • Printing
  • Flexographic printed
Equipment Used to Manufacture Boxes 9-Color printer die cutter, folder gluer
Overall Part Dimensions N/A
Material Used E-Flute Corrugated
In process testing/inspection performed Per approved design submission
Benefits The Thinner Substrate Allowed our Client to Get One More Layer of Boxes Per Pallet
  • This Reduced Distribution Costs by 17%
Converting to Direct Print Eliminated the Need to Have the Liability of Roll Stock Inventory
The Printed Appearance was of a Much Higher Quality
We Improved our Clients Marketing Effectiveness
  • By Incorporating a Section in the Art that Allows our Client to Change that Area of Print When Running a Promotional Program
Converting to an Auto-Bottom Style Eliminated 1 Person Shift off the Production line
Industry for Use Food Packaging
Delivery Location N/A
Standards Met Customer supplied specifications
Product Name Corrugated Hamburger Box

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